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I also have a LIVE stream on a website so that I can do live performances at home so when you want to have a DJ perform for you for free in the comfy place of you desk or on your couch, you can jump onto the website below and see if I'm online and live streaming for entertainment. Also, from now on, if you don't want to be waiting for an email saying that I am live streaming or waiting for a Facebook status or a Twitter post, you can check whenever you like on my Live Stream page here: Live Stream. You can also chat to me when I'm DJing and make requests for songs through the Facebook page

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Please go like 1BitPixl's Facebook page! He will be giving all of his fans free digital copies of his first 2 albums out soon! If you would like to buy a physical copy of either or both of the 2 albums, please contact 1bitpixl at: daniel@1bitpixl.com and he will get back to you with the prices. 

Now, why buy the physical copies instead of the digitals?  

A: Good question! Its because the physical copies include 4 unreleased 1BitPixl tracks each. Not to mention the bragging rights for having a signed copy of 1BitPixl's albums! (They also have a wicked design)